James Hill joins GString Ukulele team of Artists

GString Ukulele Co. welcomes ukulele phenom, James Hill to the GString family of artists. James is a violist (not violinist) by formal training but chose the ukulele as his main gun. He is from Canada and got his start with the Langley ukulele ensemble led by Mr. Peter Luongo. You might recall seeing them at Roy Sakuma's ukulele festivals. James is finishing up his college in Canada and will pursue his music thereafter.

We presented James with his 4 string tenor cutaway custom this past Christmas where he performed at the Sheraton Ballroom New Year's show with the Makaha sons, Sistah Robi and Kapena. Special thanks goes out to Barry and Barbara Hill (mom and dad), Julia Hill (sistah), the Luongos, and the rest of the Langley ensemble for the awesome performances at the Sheraton! We'll be seeing them again at the Sheraton this Summer so keep checking back for announcements as we will be working on getting him gigs here in town.

In case you are wondering, James is ahead of his time in ukulele playing. With selections like "Flight of the Bumble Bee" and "Super Mario Brothers, level One", he is truly a unique ukulele player and at 22 years of age, has many more years to refine his already awesome skill. His humbleness and graciousness as a person is heartwarming as he will certainly impress upon you if you get a chance to meet him. His self produced CD "Playing it Like it Isn't" is a compilation of classical and Jazz pieces but played with James's own styling and is available through GString at $20. The CD really moves with some incredible bass lines (which James played a s well). For you speed freaks out there, 9 out of the 10 songs are "fast movers" and will be a definite challenge for you to learn. We are trying to get distribution locally but you know how it goes.

Honestly, this CD is the freshest most exciting playing that I have ever heard since Troy Fernandez.

Contact Us with inquiries or stop by the shop and we'll play a clip for you.