Warranty - Care and Maintenance

Limited Lifetime Warranty

GString Ukuleles come with a lifetime warranty covering the original purchaser against

bridge failure.
In the unlikely event that the bridge should separate from the sound board, the Manufacturer will repair or replace the bridge including re-finishing within three (3) months of the original purchase date. After 3 months, re-finishing is not covered under warranty.

The Manufacturer also warrants this product to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase not to include keys, strings, electronics, or fretwire.

This warranty shall not apply to normal wear and tear, negligence, abuse, exposure to extreme heat or cold, low or high humidity and other damage caused by alteration or accident.
The Manufacturer retains the right to make a warranty determination upon receipt of product.
The cost of shipping the ukulele to and from the manufacturer is the responsibility of the Buyer.
The Manufacturer shall not be responsible for further damage caused by shipping. Adequate packing and insurance shall be provided by the Buyer to facilitate warranty service.

Care and Maintenance

As of 2017, GString Ukuleles are finished with the latest technology in Eco-friendly, water-borne lacquer sealers and topcoat. It is a highly durable, scratch resistant finish that can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap solution. I apply a carnauba wax coat before shipping, which should be re-applied periodically to keep you finish clean and resistant to spills, sweat etc. 
DO NOT use any type of silicone based sealers or polishes!

Fretboards and bridges are treated with an orange oil-beeswax solution called "Feed-N-Wax" under the brand name "Howard". It is readily available at the big box stores. A light coat should be applied to the fretboard and bridge periodically to help protect these parts from excess humidity/drying out.


GString Ukuleles are built in an ambient humidity level between 40-55%. Care should be taken to maintain these levels as severe damage to your instrument will occur if left exposed to temperature and humidity extremes for extended periods. I go to great lengths to ensure the materials I use are properly dried and stable during storage and building processes. Most failures such as warping, splits, bridge popping, and fret protrusion is a result of inadequate humidification.  Your instruments should be kept in it's case with a high quality humidifier and hygrometer to monitor H2O levels. 
Normally, the first sign of inadequate humidification is fret protrusion. If this happens, you can either have the ends of the frets filed down by a competent luthier (this is not covered under warranty), or you can humidify the instrument by giving it a steam "bath".  You can do this by placing the instrument on your bathroom countertop, in it's case with the lid open, exposing it to the steam while you and other family members take a hot shower. This a good practice to do even if you do not have fret protrusion but are experiencing dry conditions where you live and play. Humidification issues are easy to identify and will void all warranty service. Depending on the severity, repairs are almost impossible as some instruments I have seen, have been literally case hardened from being in dry, hot conditions for months/years at a time.