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Quality starts with a philosophy. Our mission statement: " to build ukuleles to a high degree of excellence that creates an abundant exchange with our customers."

We only deal with the best millers in Hawaii that can supply us with the best quartersawn instrument grade koa. We then air dry every board to ensure that our instruments are well seasoned and not case hardened or incompletely dried. This prevents warping, cracking and produces higher tonal qualities.

Spruce Bracing for Strength and Tone
Spruce has the highest strength to weight ratio and is an excellent tone material which is why many guitars use it for soundboards.

Spanish Cedar Angled Kerf Liners
Not only aromatic, Spanish cedar helps to keep bugs away as well. Angled kerf liners serve to strengthen the joint between the plates and sides. This ensures structural stability and if done right actually serves as a "coupler" between the soundboard and the rest of the ukulele. They are expensive, extremely labor intensive, adds weight and mass to the body, increases our production time by 25%, however to omit this part would be contrary to our philosophy.

CNC Machining
“Technology should be used wherever and whenever possible on the provision that it creates a better more consistent product regardless of cost.” GString uses CNC technology on their necks and fret boards at great expense but yields a product that is unmatched in quality. The consistency, accuracy and detail achieved with the CNC are well worth the high cost of the parts.

Take a closer look at the neck radiuses of GString’s necks and you’ll see a perfect taper, compound curvature and consistency with each and every instrument. Look at the detail in the heel, impossible to do with jigs and router fixtures. Our fret boards intonate perfectly, vital in recordings of professional musicians (see endorsements).

Laser Technology
Laser technology is used for engraving, and cutting. GString has in-house laser service to provide parts that are clean, consistent and otherwise impossible to do by hand. The technology is used for research and development as well as parts can be created in the computer first and then cut out. Many jigs and fixtures are made on the laser to maintain accuracy in the manual processes.
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